Dr. Bob Tesla was born February 29, 1860.  In early 2012 just before his 37th birthday an accident flooded the Grandview Theatre’s basement, the owners then forced him to start earning his keep, which he did by showing a free monster movie on the 2nd Saturday of every month.  Dr. Bob later moved to the Ohio State University campus and to pay for his new high tech lab, he had to once again had to show free monster movies, this time at the Gateway Film Center.

Early life: Edit

Dr. Bob show

Dr. Bob is the younger, smarter, better looking brother of Nikola Tesla, famed for inventing, well almost everything worth talking about in the last part of the 1800’s.  Dr. Bob has moved around and had labs in many different place in the world throughout his life.

Time at the Grandview: Edit

Dr. Bob had a lab beneath the historical Grandview Theatre in Grandview, Ohio.  For years he worked with his experiments in relative secrecy until one day he (or someone else he claims) flood the basement.  Being blamed for the flood by the owners he was forced to start “earning his keep” and began his life as a horror host.Knowing he would need help in the show and his lab he began hiring from the Igor Union, though each Lab Assistants never lasted very long, and also hired another assistant Nurse Feratu.  Problems immediately began to plague Dr. Bob and it was soon discovered his arch nemesis, Dr. Rick Edison had come back to cause trouble.

Time at the Gateway Film Center: Edit

Dr. bob

Dr. Bob was offered tenure at Ohio State University and left the Grandview for a new high tech lab on the OSU campus behind an unmarked locked door somewhere in the physics lab.  He was once again had to start hosting monster movies.  He brought along his trusted Nurse, and steady stream of new Lab Assistants.Dr. Bob has a temporary truce with Rick so that they can deal with the new threat of Mario Marconi.

Areas of Expertise: Edit

  • Science
  • Blowing things up
  • Really bad puns
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