Season 6 Premiere Annual Time Travel episode February 11, 2017, With Emerg-O

In the first segment Dr. Bob Tesla states they still haven’t recovered Nikola Tesla but C.I.T.T. is almost to Brunnen territory (who are very aggressive) and then they will know where Nikola is.

In the middle segment, Dr. Bob is still setting up the hologram communication device that C.I.T.T. had left him.

In the final segment Nurse Feratu comes in to help Dr. Bob, working the console for Dr. Bob. C.I.T.T. calls Dr. Bob and asks if he is ready and asks Dr. Bob to step in the hologram communication device.

A Brunnen appears on screen wanting to know why they have violated Brunnen’s space.  Dr. Bob tells him that they have a question and a message from C.I.T.T.  He asks “Where is my brain?”  The Brunnen asks what the message is and some ships around him explode, he sends the coordinates and tells them to just leave. 

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