March 11, 2017

In the first segment, Dr. Bob Tesla introduces She-gor and says that C.I.T.T. is on the trail of Nikola. Dr. Bob original thought he would call in tonight but the coordinates the Brunnen had given them in Episode 58 was close to a black hole so he will be unable to call in.

In the final segment, Dr. Bob brings out an expert out to help the audience understand the film, Johann Johannesburg Johanssen, from the Norwegian Studies Institute.  Somehow Dr. Bob understands him and questions him about the movie.

Another man claiming to be Johann Johannesburg Johanssen comes in and they begin arguing and are revealed to be Mario Marconi and Dr. Rick Edison.  Rick accuses him of stealing his idea and complains that he is using his Swedish, not his Norwegian. Rick accuses Mario of stealing everything even his accent, Marion does not deny this.  Mario kills She-gor, which Rick was plain on doing, he pulls out Master Bob’s Ray Gun and threatens to kill Mario, who states there is no need for violence, and the reason not to kill him is his name is on the lease of the place they live.

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