April 8, 2017

In the first segment, Dr. Bob Tesla states the C.I.T.T. is still looking for Nikola Tesla.  When Dr. Rick Edison walks in Dr. Bob demands to know why he is there.  Rick explains that he has nowhere to go “this is all I got left” and apologizes for almost killing She-gor last month.  Dr. Bob lets Rick stay and tells him She-gor is not dead, she had been bitten by a vampire.  He is trying to help her give up her urges, so he is feeding her Mountain Dew: Code Red.

Dr. Bob had played a conversation that he C.I.T.T. had earlier, but as it was right after C.I.T.T. had moved away from the black hole his speech was very low, to the point Dr. Bob says he sounds like Berry White, while C.I.T.T. comments he sounds like a chipmunk.  C.I.T.T. tells him he had found Queen Hagra is heading back to Mars.  He tells Dr. Bob it will take him 6 weeks to arrive at Mars.  Dr. Bob has an idea and tells C.I.T.T. to come to Earth first, so he can get a surprise for Queen Hagra.  Dr. Bob is so excited for in 2 months he will get his brother back.

In the final segment, Dr. Bob brings She-gor out and shows how well she is.  Dr. Bob wants to end the curse and find the master vamp that bit her.

Rick is worried about her attacking but Dr. Bob tells him he has Vampire Bomb, silver particles, garlic, holy water, and blown up by the Pope so they are completely safe.

The master vampire enters and She-gor immediately attacks him, Rick wants Dr. Bob to use the Vampire Bomb but he won’t as he doesn’t want to kill them both.  She-gor then grabs the Vampire Bomb and explodes it, killing both the master vampire and herself.

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