September 9, 2017

In the first segment, Dr. Bob Tesla and Rick Edison come up from the lab.  Dr. Bob is still having trouble with the title of the movie, but Rick is greatly enjoying the title and Dr. Bob’s discomfort.

Dr. Bob says there is a parental warning for this film until you are about 35.

Reverend Jen, one of the directors of the movie, has sent a special message that was played before the movie.

In the third segment, Dr. Bob comments that watching this movie counts as being in NYC, as the people on the street really didn’t care what is happening around them.

Dr. Bob has been trying to reach The Jackson Lunar Base but has been unable to contact anyone.  He did receive a transmission that said a lot of strange things had been happening and people are not behaving like they should. The transmission implied that they are having technical difficulty, but they are have found that the radio room had been destroyed by someone.

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