May 5, 2018
With the short the Junk Man

In the first segment, Dr. Bob Tesla and Rick Edison come up from the lab. Dr. Bob tells the audience that this will be Nurse Feratu’s last show for a while, as she has begun getting her memory back and is off to find out who she is.  Dr. Bob hopes that maybe she has money as he could use some new lab equipment.

In the second segment, Dr. Bob and Rick say goodbye to the Nurse.  Checking her large purse she confirms she has packed everything she needs including the Tesla video communication system, 6 months of clothes, food, laundry detergent, and a small washing machine.  When Rick gives the bag a surprised look they tell him the bag is Tesla tech and is big on the inside which she comments is very good for packing.  Once she has her Michael Kaiser pillow she is ready to go.

Dr. Bob asks the Nurse where she is heading and she replies that something is telling her to go north so she is going to start that way.  Dr. Bob comments that Rick had originally found her around Mansfield, so that is a starting place. The Nurse promises to call once she finds where she is going.

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