With silent short.
June 2, 2018

In the first segment, Dr. Bob Tesla and Rick Edison say that Nurse Feratu had left to find herself, and Rick is sad because his cape is wrinkled.  When audience tells him to do his own laundry, Dr. Bob says that the problem is she knows the number to the laundry and always calls for the pickup, neither Dr. Bob nor Rick know the phone number.

Dr. Bob also tells the audience that we are showing what is considered the first horror movies, though some consider it to also be the first vampire film also, but Dr. Bob thinks they those people probably think that Twilight is a vampire movie too, and are therefore wrong.

In the second segment, Dr. Bob introduces the replacement nurse who was assisting with the raffle.

In the third segment Dr. Bob states they had gotten news from the Nurse, she had gone through the records of Mansfield Conservatory and found she had come from Mars, PA. The Nurse is now on her way to Mars and will call at the next show.

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