July 7, 2018
First show at the Dwight Frye Underground.
Also Edison’s Frankenstein.

In the first segment, Dr. Bob Tesla and Rick Edison are calling in as they are looking for a new theater for the show.  Dr. Bob is surprised that there the theater isn’t really underground, Rick tells him that underground doesn’t mean just physically underground.

Dr. Bob introduces two robots they had met who had been telling them about a theater in a satellite.  Dr. Bob is unsure of what type of movies they show as it is a Satellite of Love.

In the second segment Nurse Feratu calls in, she is in Mars, and at the Monster Bash.  She says some of the staff told her that she had been there in the early 2000’s and she had come there from Texas.  So she is now off to Texas, she is disappointed as this could take a while as it is a huge state, she along with Dr. Bob and Rick believe the odds of finding anyone we know was incredibly small.  After she hangs up Rick comments regarding Texas “that’s further away than Mars.”  Dr. Bob and Rick are slightly worried about Texas in summer and don’t think this is good as the Nurse might melt or have to strip down.

In the third segment, Dr. Bob states that the Dwight Frye Underground seems nice and homey, and apologize that the show is no longer free.

Dr. Bob likes the sound of the satellite and likes the many empty seats that the robots talked about, he just doesn’t know how to get the audience up to the theater each month.  He comments that his entire audience is not Elon Musk.

When the robots say the Mads would love more test subjects both Rick and Dr. Bob like the sound of that, Bob says he has some mad experience he would like to perform.  He asks how one of the robots feels about coolers and would he like to sit on a cooler he is trying to launch into space.

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