Nikola Tesla was born July 10, 1856 and is Dr. Bob Tesla’s older, famous brother.  He is an inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist and is mostly notably known for designing the alternating current electricity supply system.

Working for Edison: Edit

In 1882 Tesla began working for the Continental Edison Company in France, and was personally hired by Thomas Edison to work on the Edison Machine Works, completely redesigning the system to get it to work properly.

In 1885, after being cheated by Thomas Edison, Nikola resigned from Edison.

Working with Westinghouse: Edit

In 1893 George Westinghouse and Nikola demonstrated the safety and reliability of Alternating current at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago.  Due to financial strain of the Tesla AC patents, Westinghouse Electric's, ended up making a deal with Nikola to pay a large lump sum payment for the patents.

George Westinghouse, in 1934, began paying Nikola a “consulting fee” and paying for his New York hotel room, to help help take care of his star inventor and friend.


Death and Life with Dr. Bob Edit

Nikola was found dead on January 7, 1943 in his hotel room.  While Nikola was awaiting his funeral Dr. Bob, who happened to be in America at that time, went to the funeral home where Nikola was being kept and removed his brain, using his scientific talents to save Nikola’s brain  and his personality.  

Dr. Bob then began to take care of his older brother’s brain, and after many years apart began to rekindle their brotherly relationship.  Dr. Bob always traveled with Nikola as he moved laboratories, never trusting his assistants alone with his older brother.Years later, Nikola began a relationship with Wilma Westinghouse, though little is known about their relationship, they eventually had a falling out and went several years without speaking.

Nikola now co-host Midnight Monster Movies with Dr. Bob, with his brother.

In Episode 28 Nikola is kidnapped by Mario who is hoping to use Nikola’s brilliance for his own while creating new inventions.  By the end of the episode Mario returns Nikola to Dr. Bob stating the he cannot get Nikola to say anything, to which Dr. Bob remarks, “Really, I can’t get him to shut up.”

In Episode 28 Nikola had been stolen by Mario Marconi.  Mario had hoped they could team up and create new inventions, but upon discovering he could not understand Nikola he returned him to Dr. Bob.  

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