Nurse Feratu originally only know as The Nurse is an assistant of Dr. Bob Tesla’s.  She was first seen in Episode 2 having people sign waivers incase the audience was scared to death from the film they could not sue the theater.  She has worked for Dr. Bob ever since.   


Time as an amnesiac: Edit

Nothing is known about The Nurse's early years.  She was found by Dr. Rick Edison, who used the fact that she was an amnesiac to his advantage and brainwashed her.  Sending her to work for Dr. Bob as his own personal spy.  The Nurse had no knowledge of Rick’s influence on her during this time.   Once Dr. Bob discovers that she has been working for Rick he threw them both out of the theater. The following show Rick returns to the Grandview Theatre with The Nurse, it is then revealed that she had not memory and was unaware of what she had done to Dr. Bob.  Dr. Bob decides that she should have a say in who she serves and it is agreed that Dr. Bob and Rick will make their best offers after the movie.  In the end Dr. Bob wins over The Nurse with her own plushy and she rejoins her former employer, and instantly forms a bond with Kitty She-gor.  In a fit of anger Rick kills The Nurse’s newest friend, Kitty She-gor.

Getting a Name: Edit

Dr. Bob decides since The Nurse actually didn’t have a name it was time she received one.  He asked the audience to vote on her name, when the poll closed she became, by overwhelming demand, Nurse Feratu.

Continuing with Dr. Bob: Edit

In Episode 39 she got a chance to meet one of her favorite actors, the Mihmiverse’s Michael Kiser, when the cast came to visit, and spends most of the episode enamored.

In Episode 42 after Master Bob kills the most current life of Kitty She-gor, and trapping Dr. Bob in a parallel universe, the Nurse sends out an emergency distress call out to Mario, Rick and Wilma, who appear before the power is cut off, without the Nurse knowing if they have received her call.

Areas of Expertise: Edit

  • Pronouncing people dead
  • Avoiding getting killed
  • Doing paperwork after lab assistants are killed.
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